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Due to ongoing safety concerns with some special permitted aluminium cylinders manufactured prior to 1990, we will no longer be servicing or filling these cylinders (manufactured with 6351 aluminum alloy). There is much confusion in the scuba industry regarding these cylinders. While these cylinders have not been deemed "illegal" by Transport Canada, there have been over 20 documented explosive ruptures resulting in deaths and serious injuries, typically to air fill station operators as the result of cracks that have developed in the neck/threads area of the cylinders. The picture above of a cylinder that was brought into our shop is a good example of such cracking.  As a result, we, and many other dive operators have made the decision to simply not service any special permitted aluminium cylinder older than 1990. 

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Dive safely with a properly inspected and serviced cylinder annually. Simcoe Diving tank inspections are performed using the nationally recognized standards of PCI/PSI certification.