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Rescue Diver Course

Be Prepared, Dive Safely, Know what to do!

At Simcoe Diving we stand behind safe diving. We ensure our students are prepared for the real world when they finish their courses with us. The Rescue diver course helps divers spot small problems before they become serious issues, and gives them the knowledge necessary to deal with them. You will be ready to rescue someone in an emergency situation, but hopefully you will be able to prevent the diver from becoming a victim by using proper awareness to be proactive. Many divers who take the rescue course say it is the most rewarding course in Scuba Diving and takes their dive skill to the next level. The course is designed to teach all aspects of diver rescue and accident prevention and is a lot of fun. Simcoe Diving has PADI Instructors ready to get you certified as a rescue diver! Sign up today!


rescue diver 


An 18-20 hour course focusing on in-water and shore rescue skills including oxygen adminstration. Completed in pool or confined water and open water. For ages 12 and over. Available e-Learning option.

rescue diver

the most rewarding training.

This Course is the most rewarding of all diver training as you learn and practice rescue scenarios. Learn how to react to an unresponsive diver, tow a tired diver, remove gear and deliver rescue breaths in the water. There is no better way to be prepared for an emergency than to certify as a Rescue Diver.