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advanced open water diver course

A chance to try what interests you

After becoming an open water Scuba diver you are beginning to understand the amazing underwater world. Every diver has a different reason to becoming a Scuba Diver. What is your passion? Perhaps you are interested in penetrating wrecks, diving deeper, becoming a great navigator, taking photo's and videos underwater, diving in a drysuit, or searching and recovering items underwater using lift bags. PADI has a great number of specialties to ensure you are trained and prepared to follow your passion in Scuba Diving. The Advanced Open Water Diver Course provides you with five different dives under the professional guidance of your PADI instructor. You will choose five different specialities to try, learn about the skills for each one, and do five dives to experience them! You can start the Advanced Open Water Diver Course online through PADI E-learning and even get credit towards earning the specialties.


advanced open water 


A 10-12 hour course (5 dives) including deep and navigation dives (100 feet max). Completed in open water. For ages 12 and over. Available e-Learning option.

advanced open water diver

the best way to progress.

This Course is the absolute best way to learn about specialties that interest you, to gain some advanced knowledge in diving safely, to have fun, to meet people, and to certify to 100ft