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Due to ongoing safety concerns with alluminium cylinders manufactured prior to 1990 we will no longer be servicing or filling these cylinders. 

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Scuba Diving Certification card required for all air fills

Purchase an Air fill card and save!

At Simcoe Diving you will only breath the best Air. we perform certified Tests Bi-annually. Air quality test results are posted at the fill station.


Air Fills

$14.00 (80 cu ft. or less)

$16.00 (80 cu ft. or higher)

Nitrox Fills

$20.00 (80 cu ft. or less up to 40%)

$24.00 (80 cu ft. or higher up to 40%)

$1.19/cu ft. above 40% 

air fills

tested, certified, clean, and pure

Come to Simcoe Diving for all of your air fill needs. You can rely on us for regularly tested, certified, clean, and pure air for every dive. You will get accurate, full air fills every time. We ensure your tank is safe, we double check our fills, we cool and top up each tank, and we ensure you get the most out of diving by having certified, pure air.