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PADI underwater naturalist diver

The best way to enjoy the underwater world is to understand it. The PADI Underwater Naturalist Diver course is designed to help you identify ecosystems, interactions, and different aquatic life groups when diving. You will learn how to see the most on your dives, interact with the aquatic life and see the roles of each underwater species fulfill it's role.

PADI underwater videographer diver

Nothing helps share your dive with friends better than a video. As a PADI Underwater Videographer Diver you will know how colour and depth affect lenses and light. Obtaining the perfect video requires a level of knowledge above the average. At Simcoe Diving we have captured some great footage and would love to teach you how to too.

PADI underwater navigator diver

The underwater world can be disorienting sometimes. Carrying a compass and knowing different methods of navigation can make your dive more adventurous than ever before. Simcoe Diving specializes in navigation dives and has highly skilled PADI Underwater Navigator Diver instructors who can teach you how to master navigation.

PADI emergency oxygen provider

While dive accidents are uncommon, the early administration of oxygen in the event of an emergency can be highly beneficial for a victim. During the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course you will learn the benefits of Oxygen, when to use it, and how. Oxygen can be dangerous if used incorrectly and therefor signing up with Simcoe Diving to do the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course will ensure you have the knowledge and necessary tools to use oxygen safely and effectively.

PADI enriched air diver

Enriched air is often referred to as Nitrox. Nitrox is the abbreviation for a mixture of Nitrogen and Oxygen with an increased percentage of oxygen. There are various common Nitrox gas mixtures that Scuba Divers use to increase their underwater times. Simcoe Diving is equipped to fill your Enriched Air / Nitrox cylinder for your next dive, and has PADI Enriched Air Diver Instructors with lots of experience standing by to teach you how to Dive with Nitrox too!

PADI equipment specialist

Scuba Diving requires a signification range of equipment, depending on the dive. Simcoe Diving is a retailer of most Scuba Diving gear and equipment and can teach you how to properly maintain, identify, problem solve and understand the equipment you use. Learn about the latest and most up to date equipment technologies.

PADI multilevel diver

In order to maximize underwater times, to see that extra coral, to follow that turtle, or to become part of the school of fish, it is very important to stay within the no decompression dive limits. Simcoe Diving teaches the PADI Multilevel Diver Course to divers looking to ensure they get the most of their dives while following the PADI Recreational Diver limits. Using a dive computer to ensure you stay safe, while lengthening your dive, is the reason most divers invest in a Dive Computer as their first Scuba Diving equipment investment.

PADI night diver

Scuba Diving at night, on a familiar dive site, can be a whole new experience. The fish are lazy, the night creatures emerge, the water is clear, and the diving is fantastic! The flashlight becomes your guide. Simcoe Diving has been night diving at all of the Discover Local Diving sites and will teach you how to re-discover the lake! Bigger fish are a common site at night!

PADI peak performance buoyancy diver

Have you ever been the Diver who bounces off the bottom, stirs up the water badly and then floats to the surface by accident? How much weight do you dive with? It might be too much for a master of buoyancy. Buoyancy control is one of the most important skills in scuba diving. Simcoe Diving has PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy instructors who have some great skills to teach. Sign up today!

PADI sidemount diver

Sidemount Diving became popular when divers started diving deeper and through smaller spaces. Sidemount Diving allows the diver to have more control of the tank positions and provides two tanks for more air. Using sidemount tanks allows a lot more maneuverability and a greater diversity of dive sites that a diver can visit. Simcoe Diving has PADI Sidemount Diver instructors who will ensure you get the most benefit out of diving with two maneuverable tanks!


In our Ontario fresh waters it is common to dive in cold water. Cold water diving can become the best diving in the world if you have the right equipment to stay warm. Learning how to use a Drysuit can be like learning to dive all over again. This specialty will take the difficulty out of the learning curve, make drysuit diving fun, and allow you to rent a drysuit anywhere you travel. The certification will teach you how your drysuit acts like a whole new Buoyancy Control Device. Commonly paired at Simcoe Diving with the Open Water Course. Ask us to start your drysuit certification course today!

PADI digital underwater photographer

When you have a great dive there is nothing more exciting than sharing your underwater fun with friends and family. Having the skills and knowledge to take great photo's, combined with the proper equipment, will help prepare you to share your experiences more effectively. Create the wow factor by taking top quality photo's of everything you experience when Scuba Diving with Simcoe Diving.

PADI propulsion vehicle diver

Propulsion Vehicle Diving is a fun and exciting way to explore more of the underwater world while minimizing energy and air consumption. Simcoe Diving can provide you with the propulsion vehicle experience, and is a supplier of Seadoo and Hollis propulsion vehicles. PADI Propulsion Vehicle Diver instructors are standing by to take you on a motorized tour of local dive sites.


Drift diving in a flowing river can be the most exhilarating dive. Pointing your head downstream, no fin kicking, and towing a SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) are among some pointers for drift diving safely. Sign up for the Drift Diver Specialty with Simcoe Diving and you will experience Drift Diving at it's best. Join us on a local trip to the St. Lawrence River, the Niagara River, or down south to a great dive destination like Cozumel, Mexico. A great pointer for Drift Diving is time your dive!

PADI aware - fish identification

Look a fish! Look, another fish! What was that? Being a good diver means understanding the underwater world. The PADI AWARE certification is a great way to show that you have a passion and a care for the underwater ecosystems and its species. Each body of water, each region of diving, and each depth range carries a large variety of fish species. Simcoe Diving is passionate about preserving the underwater world and is proud to offer the PADI AWARE certification to help you identify what fish you are seeing, what is going on in the local underwater environment, and how you can help ensure we keep our waters healthy.


Scuba Diving from a boat is far different than shore diving. You are far away from land and therefore have limited access to immediate assistance in an emergency. You must be aware of where everything is kept and what all of the boating terms are. How do you get in and out of the water safely? What special precautions should be considered when diving from a boat? Simcoe Diving frequently dives off boat charters and is keen for you to come along and have one of our PADI instructors teach you the PADI Boat Diver Certification course so you can be the best you can be. Skills and knowledge of boat diving will make you a better buddy, and ensure you can handle any boat dive.


Each is a Certification, Each is a skill, Each will make you a better diver

Simcoe Diving has the highest level of PADI instructor professionals ready to certify you in any and all Specialty Certifications in Scuba Diving. Each specialty is highlighted below. Sign up for a specialty that interests you today!







2 dive specialty course

3 dive specialty course

4 dive specialty course

enriched air / nitrox

emergency oxygen provider

equipment specialist   


Some specialties are available in e-Learning. Wreck & Ice course = $499

specialty diver

pursue your interests, follow your dreams.

This bank of courses consist of a large variety of specialty certifications. Deep diver certifies you to 130ft, teaching you the added challenges of being far below the surface. Navigation will teach you compass use, a variety of navigation tactics and keep you oriented in low visibility. Each Specialty has perks which help you become the best diver you can be.