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Simcoe Diving Has an AED, First aid kit, and oxygen kit on site for all open water courses

open water diver course

have you always wanted to learn to scuba dive?

The majority of our planet is covered in water bodies. Fresh water and salt water scuba diving are popular everywhere you go. Experience the diversity of wildlife, the adventurous sights, and the worlds most active ecosystems. Learning to scuba dive under a PADI (professional Associations of Diving Instructors) certified instructor is the best way to ensure your safety and skill level while underwater. Diving is among the safest sport due to the attention to detail in training. Our certified PADI instructors will ensure you dive with all of the knowledge necessary to stay safe and be prepared. We want our students to have fun while diving safely with a buddy. The term buddy becomes one of the most important aspects of scuba diving. At Simcoe Diving we never dive alone which adds safety to every dive, and ensures you share the amazing experiences!

What's included in the price?

1) The Text books, all learning materials, the crew pack

2) All necessary Scuba Diving Gear required for the entire course (BCD, Wetsuit, Regulators, tanks, Hoods, Gloves, Boots, and all accessories for all confined open water dives and all four open water dives) except mask, snorkel, and fins.

3) All air fills and Scuba tanks for all dives required during the course

4) five Confined open water sessions to learn and build all of the necessary skills to Scuba Dive safely and confidently

5) Four open water dives to concrete the skills learned in confined open water sessions and to experience diving to it's true potential.

6)  a 1 year Bronze club membership including free air fills for weekly club dives, a t-shirt, and discounts on purchasing gear and renting equipment in the future. See our Bronze Club Membership for more details on our Simcoe Diving Scuba Club (if paid upfront only)

Paid Up Front 


A 26-28 hour scuba course (60 feet max). Completed in pool or confined water and open water. For ages 10 and over. Available e-Learning option. Open water diver students are required to supply or purchase mask, snorkel and fins suitable for scuba diving.


1)  Sign up at SIMCOE DIVING for the open water diver course

2) Knowledge Development - 5 modules

              (12-15 hours of PADI eLearning/home study or 2 days of class)

3) Confined Water Training - 5 modules

              (can be completed in 1 or 2 days in a pool or lake)

4) Open Water Training - 4 dives

              (completed in 2 days in a lake, sites vary)

open water diver

the first step. getting started.

This Course is the first step to experiencing the under water world as a certified Scuba Diver. A PADI official course designed to get you underwater, safely, with the skills required to scuba dive around the world.